Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats
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Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats Audio Learning Program Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats Audio Learning Program

Cold Calling is the key to Sales Success
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The Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats Audio Pack $199

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In a truly magnificent studio produced Audio Learning program, Wayne Mansfield share's with you the most comprehensive program on Cold Calling for sales professionals available in the world today. Whether you are a 20 year veteran of selling or a brand new rookie, this Audio Learning program will be the most beneficial investment you make in 2013.

Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats will show sales people how to build powerful techniques that will allow them to get in the door and grab the sale. Because the Australian business environment today is very competitive, sales people need to be constantly building their skills and working at being more productive than any other sales person. Designed to achieve instant results, Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats comes as 5 Audio CD's expertly edited in bite size segments ideal for playing in your car for those trips to and from clients, or for playing on your MP3 player when you are walking the dog, enabling audio learning with its enhanced retention levels of “bite-size modules” of information over short periods of time.

Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats deals with many areas of interest and concern to every sales person. Wayne shares suggestions for overcoming Cold Calling jitters and gives strategies for getting beyond the gatekeepers. You will learn the things that should never be said in a cold call and techniques to use voice mail effectively. However, your audio learning package is not only about techniques - it’s also about attitude. Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats deals with attitude and how to deal with the stress of being a sales person.

This is what your Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats Audio learning package covers

Cold Calling: the Golden Opportunity Most Sales Reps Dread 

  • How Do You Feel About Cold Calling? 
  • What Cold Calling Will Do for You 
  • The Critical Role Prospecting Plays in Achieving Sales Success 
  • Sure fire Techniques for Eliminating “Cold Call Jitters” 
  • Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes That Doom Cold Calls 
  • Step-by-Step Cold Call Approach 
  • Skill Practice 
  • Script Checklist 

Preparation: The Key that Separates Sales Pros from Rookies

  • First Things First 
  • Questions to Ask as You Plan 
  • Plan for Uncontrollable Circumstances 
  • More Techniques for Planning for Success 
  • Resources for Researching Potential Customers 
  • Know What You’re After Before You Begin 
  • How Prospects Are Sizing You Up and How to Put It to Your Advantage 
  • Things Never to Say in a Cold Call 
  • Practice, Practice, Practice 

Getting Through: How to Handle Screens, Gatekeepers, and Voice Mail

  • How to Determine Who Has “Buying Authority” in an Organisation 
  • Effective Techniques for Getting Past Screeners to Talk to the Right People 
  • Tips for Getting Key Information from Receptionists and Assistants 
  • Skill Practice 
  • If you are involved in sales you must be at Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats! 

Perfecting Your Phone Skills: Sharpening Your Most Effective Tool for Increasing Sales

  • Tips for Making a Dynamic First Impression 
  • Some Things to Avoid 
  • How to Capitalise on Those First Few Seconds: Your Cold Calling Window of Opportunity 
  • Sample Openers 
  • Skill Practice 
  • Speech Habits That Will Damage Credibility 
  • Rapport Builders That Every Cold Caller Should Have in Their Repertoire 
  • Listening Tips That Can Warm Up a Cold Call 

Positive Attitude and Persistence: Key Ingredients for Cold Calling Success

  • Strategies for Staying Positive When the Responses You’re Getting Are Negative 
  • Setting Cold Call Goals to Help Break the Procrastination Habit 
  • Techniques to Turn Sceptics into Buyers 
  • Fear of Rejection: How to Overcome It and Watch Your Hit Rate Soar 
  • The Numbers Game: Why Persistence Is the Key to Cold Calling Success 

Your Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats comes with an Action Plan

Wayne has included a Data CD which includes hundreds of pages of reference material to be printed out and to form the basis of your sales skills library. Included are:

  • The full 24 page workbook for the Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats Sales Seminar so you can makes notes
  • The PowerPoint of examples and great motivational quotes that thousands of seminar attendees have shared
  • Comprehensive books addressing: Closing, Overcoming Objections and Time Management.

Take action now and make 2014 your best Sales year ever:

If you are involved in sales you really owe it to yourself to invest in the magnificent Audio Learning package: Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats! 

Wayne MansfieldPersonal note from Wayne Mansfield:

If you are new to sales, you have the chance of becoming a sales professional with all the benefits that come from the kudos and personal satisfaction of being one of the best paid people in the workforce. If you are already a sales professional, here is a resource that will fine tune your skills and allow you to go to the next level of income, respect and satisfaction in the wonderful world of selling.

Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats addresses the skills of developing new business - the skills that, once mastered, will almost certainly guarantee your sales success.

Over 13,000 Sales professionals have attended my seminars in the last few years. Now you can share those some insights with this brilliantly produced audio learning package. By just listening you will unlock skills that will benefit and last a lifetime.

So, won't you invest in yourself and together we will equip you for the sales success you richly deserve.

Wayne Mansfield
Business Seminars Australia


The Cold Calling for Scaredy Cats Audio Pack $199

Click Here to Order your Audio Pack Now!


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