"Burnt out, stressed out, rundown and tired? Out of balance; out of control? Frustrated with wheel spinning? Too much to do; not enough time to do it."

What you need is a way to learn how to start...

Then answer to your time stress is close at hand with Australia's most dynamic Productivity and Time Management Seminar - it's just 3 short hours, great practical tips and interactive fun and you can regain control of your life.

In the 21st Century we are expected to produce more with less. Better services, quicker response times, more products to market, increased sales, and better value for money.

Managers, in particular, are expected not just to plan and prioritise their own work but to be responsible for what their team do. And team members need to take into account their colleagues' priorities as well as their own.

Whether you are a manager or a team leader, we are all under pressure to produce quality work, to time. Yet how often do you find yourself swamped by a seemingly unrealistic workload or struggling to meet an important deadline?

Stop being busy and start being productive

How on earth are we supposed to cope with this increased level of demand on our time and attention?

The fact is that this is the world that we have to live in today. There is very little you and I can do to change it. There is, however, a lot that can be done in regard to how we handle the challenges of our time challenged life.

Proper and effective use and management of time is vital to the success of organisations mad the well being of the individuals.

The Three MASTER Principles of productivity

Packed with practical advice and insights, this succinct, easy-to-absorb workshop outlines a range of techniques and processes to help you master the essential skill of effective time management. The systems and processes the Done! Seminar outlines are designed to be simple and to fit in with your existing way of working as much as possible - you will be on the fast track to success.

You can't stop the clock, but you can invest a few hours in this course and gain time management habits that will last a lifetime

Time Management MASTERED SeminarThe Basics of Time Management

Time is a unique resource. Day to day, everyone has the same amount. It cannot be accumulated. You can't turn it on or off. It can't be replaced. It has to be spent at the rate of sixty seconds every minute.

NEW: Why Time Management doesn't work

Planning is a complex process. Some people are good at it, other aren't. Planning makes two contributions which bring order to your life. First, it tells you how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Second, it identifies the resources required to get you there. Whether your plans are short or long term, The DONE! Seminar will show you how to get the most benefits from this essential activity.

NEW: How to Manage your Workflow

Everyone wastes time. It's part of being human. Some wasted time can be constructive, because it helps you to relax or otherwise reduce tension. Other wasted time is frustrating. Time wasters are usually from your environment or from yourself. Let The DONE! Seminar show you ways to recognise and manage your most productivity hurdles and time wasters.

Taming e-mail and The Telephone

Time Management MASTERED SeminarThe double edged swords of the 'phone and e-mail have made everyone accessible and in constant demand. We have had the phone for nearly 100 years but it now comes with voice mail, SMS, mobile and wireless to allow us to make and received dozens of calls everyday of our working lives. 

And contrary to all predictions, electronic mail (email) hasn't seen the demise of the amount of paper mail we receive. In fact we have seen a MASSIVE increase in the amount of mail we receive. The DONE! Seminar gives you pointers on how to get through the paperwork, make use of good e-communications and how to tame the telephone trap.

What would you do with an Extra Two Hours in Your Day...

Time Saving Devices of 21st Century

The electronic industry is developing new and improved products at such a rapid pace that it is difficult to keep up with the latest timesaving innovations. We share with you the positive used of PDA's, faxes, conference calls, video phones and more.

Meetings, Meeting, and more Meetings

Despite the fact that meetings can be overused they are nonetheless an essential way of achieving objectives. Getting people together in the same room is still one of the most effective ways of gather ideas, brainstorming, clarifying objectives and creating a sense of team. Often meeting time is wasted and people go away feeling frustrated, believing they could have been doing better things with their time. 

Time Management MASTERED
shares ways in which you can avoid wasted time by following a few simple but powerful guidelines.

Applying What You Learned

We will share with you the tools that will allow you to apply what you have learned in the Time Management MASTERED workshop. You will get data collecting logs, a comprehensive Time Analyser, techniques that allow you to develop a Action plan and most importantly, a follow up plan to help you keep progressing with your new Time Management MASTERED skills.

Time Management MASTERED is your competitive edge. You will learn to:

  • Increase your productivity by prioritizing your activities.
  • Evaluate your current use of time, help you take control of your schedule and develop a personal time management system that works for you.
  • You will learn how to: balance multiple priorities and meet deadlines with ease, make maximum use of your peak energy time, and improve efficiency in handling routine matters.
  • Plan today to meet long-term goals. Have more time for fun.
  • Effective Time Management will help you to become an overall better time manager so that you can eliminate stress and finally start doing the things you've wanted to do but couldn't because you were pressed for time
This session is great for: 

Business owners, sales and marketing managers, those wanting to regain control of their life.

The staff of any business wanting to get more done in a friendlier positive workplace. Send your receptionist, service personnel, internal sales staff, accounts people, complaints department, travel agents, hotel front office staff, bank officers and other service personnel. 

From whatever business or walk of life, you can't afford to miss Time Management MASTERED.

Your Presenter:           Wayne Mansfield

Dennis HallDennis Hall, is well qualified to lead you in learning the tactics of Time Management MASTERED in both the work place and personal relationships through a solid understanding of the dynamics of adjusting to time management.

With over 20 years management experience, an MBA in Marketing Management and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, Dennis' unique combination of "Hands on" experiences and studies provides you with the sort of "Know how" you don't often get to draw from.

Dennis doesn't just "Present" these time management skills, he "Lives them". His services have been employed by a wide range of corporate and private clients including; Queensland Department of State Development, Airservices Australia, BDO Kendalls, Ergon Energy, Caltex and Suncorp - to name only a few.

With his experience, practical solutions and passion for unleashing the power of effective time management, Dennis Hall joins the growing group of Business Seminars Australia's expert seminar and workshop leaders.


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